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Research Impact Metrics

How can I find metrics for a department or research center, rather than one researcher?

While we do not have any "out of the box" tools available for department or research-level metrics, Web of Science and Dimensions can be used to collect metrics for works by multiple authors for further analysis..

What department-level metrics can be pulled from Web of Science?

Because all author affiliations are indexed in Web of Science records, you can use the Address field to search down to the department, division, or center level. How well this will work depends on:

  1. Web of Science's coverage of the journals, conference proceedings, and books authored by the researchers in your department/center,
  2. How well the researchers themselves identified their affiliations in the works. This may be an issue if you are trying to gather works for a center rather than a department. You may need to search a few individual faculty to see if they are including the correct affiliation.


How do I search Web of Science by department or center?

Change the search field to Address, then search diego SAME jolla SAME [abbreviated name for department or center].

  • Using SAME ensures that all of your words will be on the same address line, to exclude San Diego State University, University of San Diego, and Scripps Research Institute.
  • You can view the abbreviations list for what to use to narrow down to department, division, or research center. You can also search one of the authors in the group to confirm you are using the correct affiliation/abbreviation.
  • You filter to see a specific date range, sort by times cited, or use Analyze Report for further analysis.

The affiliation will be highlighted in the record's Addresses section:

What department-level metrics can be pulled from Dimensions?

Dimensions does not offer a department or center-level search filter, just researchers and research organizations. However, with a little time you can create a multiple researcher search (Researcher A or Researcher B or Researcher C) and save the search. Make sure that you are on the campus network, protected wifi, or VPN to access Dimensions Plus, and that you are logged in to save searches. Here's a sample search for most of the faculty in the UC San Diego Bioengineering Department.

How do I create the multi-author search?

  • Go to the Researcher filter in the left column, click More, and enter the first researcher. When it comes up, click the Limit To next to the name. Then repeat with the second researcher, who will be added to your search string with an automatic OR. Once the search string is complete, save the search as a favorite to reuse.
  • From the search results, you can sort the publications by citations or Altmetric attention score. or filter by funders, organizations where their co-authors are based, or source publications.


  • You will likely run into some author disambiguation issues, like this.

  • It may be easier to search one author at a time and copy their 13-digit researcher ID number that shows up in the URL as facet_researcher=ur.01234567890.12. You can copy and paste these researcher IDs into the URL (
  • Paste the URL into something like Notepad, then continue adding &or_facet_researcher=ur.xxxxxxxxxxx.xx for each new researcher. When finished, paste the new, longer URL back into the browser address bar and save the search as a Favorite. You can also contact us for assistance. We can create and send you the URL.