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Research Impact Metrics

These use cases have been derived from several sources, including University of Pittsburgh Libraries and the What Are Altmetrics website. The University of Pittsburgh page has some helpful screenshots.

We welcome more examples, particularly any from UC San Diego researchers.

How I use altmetrics data in my proposals - Fernando T. Maestre

In this blog post, Maestre (Universidad de Alicante) gives examples of how he integrated metrics (bibliometrics and altmetrics) in writing about the impact of two of his publications. Note that he included a variety of metrics, context to these metrics, and links to more qualitative engagement like news coverage.

CV - Brian D. Earp

Earp (Yale University and Oxford University) uses his CV to highlight a variety of quantitative and qualitative indicators of potential impact, including Altmetric percentiles, rankings (most cited, downloaded, read), selected media coverage, reprints and translations, special highlighting ("editor's choice). 

P&T File - Trevor A. Branch

Branch (University of Washington) incorporated a variety of metrics to highlight not only his papers, but also where metrics  could support the impact of his public outreach, including social media engagement.

P&T File - Steven B. Roberts

Roberts (University of Washington), also included a mix of metrics for his articles: times cited, article views and downloads, presentations views from Slideshare. He included a section for his platforms for outreach and science communication, from Twitter to Figshare, with associated metrics. 

CV - Scott R. Loss

Loss (Oklahoma State University) uses his CV (start at pg. 22) and lab website to highlight media coverage of their research, arranged by research areas rather than specific articles.