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Visual Arts: Iconography Resources

About Iconography

The study of images and symbols; their identification, description, classification, and interpretation.

Searching Roger for Iconography

Explore UC Library Search for books on your topic by searching for the following subjects:

  • animal imagery--symbolism
  • art and mythology
  • bible--pictures, illustrations
  • buddhist art and symbolism
  • catholic church and art
  • christian art and symbolism
  • emblems
  • hindu symbolism
  • holy spirit--symbolism
  • idols and images
  • islamic art and symbolism
  • jesus christ--art
  • jewish art and symbolism
  • mythology
  • saints--art
  • signs and symbols
  • symbolism in the bible
  • symbolism of numbers
  • symbolism in architecture
  • symbolism in art

General Reference Sources

Online Databases for Iconography Research

Non-Western Iconography and Mythology

Classical Mythology and Folklore

Christian Iconography