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STEM - General Research Guide: Find News

Science and Engineering News

If you want to keep up with your science or engineering subject in the news, start with sites listed below. These sites offer e-mail alerts, and in most cases some RSS feeds. Google News is a good place to start. Many science news articles are centered around one or more recently published journal articles. For example, the Chemistry World article Protein-shaped sweets help students understand complex molecular structures focuses on an article published in Science Advances, while this article in C&EN Global on local disparities in air quality cites 5 recent, relevant articles. However, the news item may not link to the actual journal article (like this one on Venus' geological activity, from CNN), but if they include the name of the journal and at least one author, you should be able to find the published article (in this case, from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). 

All of the databases where you can search for journal articles also allow you to save searches and set up alerts to be notified when new articles meeting your search criteria are added.

Science and Engineering News - Specialized