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LATI 180 Latin American Energy Transitions: Country Information and Reports

Additional Information

Many of these resources are taken from the Statistics/Data Tab of the UCSD Library International Government Information Research Guide which points to resources to find great background information and statistics on countries around the world. Using such resources is a helpful place to start research on any Latin American country.

Resources for Basic Country Information

Great Sources for Quick Profiles/Statistical Information:

CIA World Fact Book

Latest edition of annual survey, with profiles of all countries and territories from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Europa World Plus Licensed by UCSD 

Economic, political, historical, and geographic profiles of countries and global regions. Contact info for political, business, media, and cultural agencies and officials. Search or browse by country, region, organization, or people. Access limited to 1 user at a time. Try again later if refused.

US State Department Countries & Regions 

Provides access to Background Information, Fact Sheets, General and Subject-Specific Regional and Country Reports, and Travel Advisory and Information.

 Human Development Report 

Full text of UNDP Human Development Reports, from 1990 to the next to most current year, plus national Human Development Reports and an excellent statistics section on industrialized and developing countries.

Additional Resources Listed Alphabetically:

Country Studies from the Library of Congress 

Each online book contains historical and cultural background information on the country it covers. Formerly known as the Area Handbooks from the Department of the Army.

Economist Intelligence Unit (UCSD Portal) Licensed by UCSD 

Portal to UCSD-subscribed EIU content. Includes searchable online archive (1996- ) and feed of Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) global country publications. Strong on current political, economic, and business affairs worldwide. Click on the "Country Tab" for information pertaining to a particular country.

EMIS Intelligence (formerly ISI Emerging Markets) Licensed by UCSD 

Provides economic studies, company & industry reports, country risk, statistics and political news on emerging market countries. Covers public & private companies & global industry reports. Includes interactive data analysis tools & news alerts. Excellent China coverage. Click on the "Countries" tab for country-specific information.  

Geo World Bank 

A mashup of World Bank data with Google Maps. Has basic data, news, and project information for every country in which the World Bank is involved.

Latin Macro Watch 

Macroeconomic and financial database mapping indicators on economic activity, fiscal and external accounts, financial markets, and forecasts. Historical data at monthly, quarterly, and annual frequencies are available starting in 1990 and covers the 26 borrowing members of the Inter-American Development Bank.

Latinnews Licensed by UCSD

Includes focused, special reports, such as commodity reports, regional reports, and security and strategic reviews.

The MacroDataGuide 

The MacroDataGuide is a tool that has been especially developed by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services to save researchers and students time and energy in their search for high quality social science macro data. While the main distinction is most often drawn between micro and macro data, the term 'meso data' is also sometimes used. Meso data generally refers to data on collective and cooperative actors such as commercial companies, organizations or political parties.

Military Balance 

Annual publication with detailed statistical information about the world's militaries including budget, enlisted personnel, and firepower.

Political Risk Yearbook Licensed by UCSD 

The Political Risk Yearbook is an annual publication that “contains all 100 Political Risk Services’ Country Reports updated to the previous December, demarcated along regional lines, using the globally-recognized Coplin-O’Leary political risk rating methodology.” Included in Business Source Complete.

UN Member States On the Record 

Provides direct access to official documents reflecting the views of United Nations Member States by bringing together in one place documents available elsewhere.


The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is an independent agency that provides economic, development and humanitarian assistance around the world in support of the foreign policy goals of the United States. The site provides an overview of each country where the agency does work.