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Special Resources: Regional "Books of Lists" & Business News Sources

Many North American regional business publications have list features in their weekly publications that are devoted to the top companies or organizations on a particular topic or industry, like top women-owned businesses, top accounting firms, largest employers in... (name a city)., etc.These weekly lists are compiled annually into a Book of Lists for a city or region.

There are two main publishers of these weeklies, and their contents are incorporated into at least one of two of our subscription resources, MasterFile Premier and Gale Business Insights. Southern CA local publications are listed below. You'll have to experiment to find similar publications in another region.

Note: not all of the most recent BoL issues are available yet. They will be updated here as they become available. Use the "latest rankings articles" in the meantime.

cover of the San Diego Book of Lists

Additional San Diego Business News Feeds

Recent LAT feed via ProQuest

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Trade News & Regional Business News Sources

Latest Wall Street Journal feed via ProQuest

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Company Directories & Lists

These resources help you do quick company look-ups and/or create lists based on criteria like 'give me all the companies in San Diego that have under 250 employees.'