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GLBH 150A: Global Health Senior Capstone: Where Do I Start?

This Guide is designed to assist undergraduate students writing senior theses on topics involving intersections of Anthropology and Global Health

Navigating the Guide

This tab aims to help you better navigate this guide.

  1. The Search Strategies Tab discusses the difference between primary and secondary sources and points to important concepts and tools to use in online searching, such as boolean operators, truncation, and subject headings or descriptors.
  2. For places to search for books, click on the "Find Books" tab.  
    -- A good way to begin searching for books is to use the UCSD-Specific Library Catalog, UC Library Search and then expand out to the UCSD-wide catalog MELVYL. 
    -- Theses and Dissertations
     are also featured on the "Finding Books and Articles" Tab.  Although they are unpublished book-length works, they are often important sources of original information and their bibliographies can lead you to other sources.
  3. To locate academic journal articles, use the various databases listed on the "Find Articles" Tab.
    -- If you need some tips on finding the full-text of the articles you find, see the sub-tab Getting Full-Text Articles.
    -- Did your professor say use scholarly articles and you are not sure what those are?  Check out the sub-tab Scholarly? Authoritative? Peer-Reviewed? Which One do I Have?
  4. For Statistics, use the "Find Health Statistics" Tab points to various places and strategies to find local, state, US, and international health statistics.
  5. The "United Nations Resources" tab points to many resources created by and about the UN (which provides much information about global health and related issues).
  6. The "Assistance with Writing, Citing, and managing Citations" tabs point to various tools to help you with writing and keeping track of the sources you use.

Are You Wondering Where to Start?  Try these suggestions.