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CHEM 105: Physical Chemistry Laboratory: Web of Science - Kinetics of Bromination of Acetone

Resources to help you find articles and data for your physical chemistry lab experiments. Shortcut:

Web of Science - Kinetics of Bromination of Acetone

Using Web of Science to find articles about the kinetics of bromination of acetone. Web of Science covers ~12000 journals, including all of the key chemistry journals.

Another search, this time for topic instead of article title, to get more results.
View the results, and note that there were fewer this time. You might need to refine your search. Is there another word you can use for kinetics? Can you search beyond bromine and acetone?
Check to see if there are any related articles. Web of Science will retrieve all of the articles that cite at least one of the 12 references cited in this paper.
Note that the first article listed cited 9 of the 12 articles cited in the original Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry article. The higher the number of common citations, the more likely that the resulting articles have things in common. As the number of shared references drops, the articles probably have less in common.

You can also change the sorting order to relevance, or by the number of times each article has been cited. This may bring up articles that are particularly significant or important.

Along with viewing the related articles, also consider looking at the articles that cite your. For example, here are the 12 articles that cited another one from our original search results.