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Organic Chemistry: Home

This guide covers the principal library resources for organic chemistry, supporting researchers as well as students in CHEM 40A-C, CHEM 43A, CHEM 143B-D, and other upper division courses, including

For more chemical information resources, consult the Chemistry & Biochemistry research guide or related guides.

Most of the online resources are licensed for UC San Diego faculty, students, and staff. Use VPN (group: 2-Step Secured - althruucsd) to access from off campus, or the UCSD-Protected wifi network on campus.

ChemDraw at UC San Diego

UC San Diego has a license for ChemOffice/ChemDraw 19.0 (Windows), ChemDraw 19.0 (Mac), and MNova ChemDraw Edition (Windows/Mac). See what's new in ChemDraw 19.0.

Registration/Download Instructions

  • Click here to register, using your UC San Diego email address.
  • Once you have registered and logged in, you can go to the PerkinElmer Download Center to
    1. Download the software and product user guides.
    2. Get the activation code that you will need to register ChemDraw. In the Download Center, go to the Order History link and click on the order number for Nov. 1, 2018. Copy and paste the 16 alphanumeric Activation Code into the form in ChemDraw when prompted.
  • After downloading MestReNova Lite, you should automatically receive an email from Mestrelab with the License ID. If you don't receive it within 24 hours, contact with your UC San Diego email address.

Please contact maryam at ucsd dot edu if you have problems with registering with PerkinElmer or downloading the software. Include something like "PerkinElmer registration problem" or "ChemDraw software installation issue" in the subject line.