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Organic Chemistry: Natural Products

MarinLit is a natural marine products database (text and structure searchable) with some powerful and unique dereplication tools. Searchable by:

  • Bibliographic information: author, title, abstract, journal, article category, and trivial name
  • Location: latitude/longitude, map
  • Taxonomy: species, genus, family, etc.
  • Compound: structure/substructure, molecular formula,  functional groups, NMR shifts, exact mass, UV maxima  

The Dictionary of Natural Products and Dictionary of Marine Natural Products provide basic data on thousands of compounds. Searchable by name/CAS, as well as biological source, property data values, and compound/organism type.

Other Databases:

You can search for natural products information in SciFinder and Reaxys the way you would with any other organic compound: by topic searching (including isolation of, synthesis of, etc.), by substance name or structure, or by reaction.

  • For Reaxys, you can also search by Isolation from Natural Product. In the Query Builder, you'll see this option in the "Other" category. search the same way: topics (isolation of, synthesis of, etc.) or substances.  For Reaxys, there's a Query Builder option (category: other) for Isolation from Natural Product. 

Other good databases for searching the natural products literature: PubMed, Web of Science, and Google Scholar.

Reviews and Reference Works

Selected Books on Natural Products