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Latin American Studies Online: UCSD DIgital Collections

UCSD Digital Collections

Digitization has made many of UCSD’s special collections more widely accessible through UCSD Digital Collections.

Digital Collections with Latin American or Latino/Hispanic-American content include:

  • American Friends Service Committee – U.S.-Mexico Border Program Records: Selections (Redacted abuse and complaint files from the records of the American Friends Service Committee – U.S.-Mexico Border Program, 1977-2001)

  • Armed Revolutionary Organizations in Mexico (Printed and manuscript materials created between 1965 and 1998 by 23 distinct revolutionary groups in Mexico. The collection is particularly strong in ephemeral communiques and revolutionary periodicals such as "13 de junio," "Madera" and "Militante." Images were digitized from originals held by the UC San Diego Library).  See also the Colegio de Mexico's complementary collection Movimientos Armados en Mexico.
  • Baja California (Images of Baja California digitized from original photographs by Harry Crosby, Howard Gulick, and Marquis McDonald)
  • Farmworker Movement Documentation Project (Primary Source Accounts by the UFW Volunteers who built the movement (many of whom were of Latin American Descent)
  • Harry Crosby Photographs (Includes photographs of Baja California, 1967-1962 and Sonora, Mexico, 1958-1986).
  • Herman Baca (A selection of documents illustrating the work and activities of Chicano activist Herman Baca and the Committee on Chicano Rights, 1964-2006)
  • The Insite Archive (Materials documenting the inSite organization and the projects of its artists (1992-2006).  Created as a network of contemporary art programs and commissioned projects among non-profit and public institutions, inSite explored public or contextual art practice in the specific context of the San Diego-Tijuana border region. In 1980, Installation Gallery was opened in San Diego with a goal to present local and regional artists. In 1992, inSite was formed, replacing Installation Gallery. InSite has had five major versions: inSITE92, inSITE94, inSITE97, inSITE2000, and inSite_05).
  • Latin American Political Campaign Ephemera Collection (Pamphlets, posters, other campaign materials from various Latin American countries, 1990s-2009)
  • Marquis McDonald Photographs (Photographs by Marquis McDonald during a 1949-1950 overland trip down the Baja California Peninsula)
  • The Mexican Broadsides (Broadsides (single and double-sided, one-sheet documents) produced in Mexico between the early 1600s and 1899. They include religious and government documents on a wide range of topics. The government documents include correspondence between representatives from a range of state and federal agencies, gubernatorial and presidential administrations, and state and national legislatures.
  • Pueblos Yucatecos (Audio interviews, transcriptions, and photographs related to life in 5 rural Maya communities in the state of Mexico between the early 20th and early 21st centuries)
  • The Spanish Civil War Collection and the Spanish Civil War Memory Project