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Finance Research: Company Information

This guide gathers in one place the links to company financial datasets, industry ratios, background information, news on finance topics and academic research articles for corporate finance and financial markets.

Need to create a company list or find a company to research?

These resources are great for finding out key companies operating in an industry and/or identifying one company you want to research.

The instructions below help anyone use our resources when they want to lookup a specific company or find an unknown one. The highlighted resources originally were selected  for an upper-level undergraduate class that had to find and pick a public company to study. Some students knew which company they wanted to study. Others wanted to browse to pick a company or look at a short list of options.

How do I find publicly traded companies easily?

Everyone eventually develops their own favorite way to find and follow public companies. Below are some common ones.

Note - if you need absolutely accurate company financials for your coursework, do not use Yahoo Finance or Gale Business Insights. Instead use any of the resources under the Financials & SEC filings tab of this guide.

Option A: Browsing

Option B: Look-ups

Option C: Create Company Lists