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Finance Research: Public Info on Companies

This guide gathers in one place the links to company financial datasets, industry ratios, background information, news on finance topics and academic research articles for corporate finance and financial markets.

What public sources of information are available on my companies?

Basic company history and chronology



Mergent Online
Once you look up your company, open the record and look under the "Company Details" tab, then choose History


Summaries of products, customers, competitors


Hoovers reports
In Nexis Uni
Use the "Search by Company Type" dropdown box and choose Company Profiles option. From there you can search across all brands of profiles, or to focus on Hoovers, click Advanced Options and check Hoover's Company & Industry Reports. It's worth taking the extra steps because of the scope and breadth of the Hoover's reports. If you search across all brands of profiles, you can still filter the results by Publication on the left nav bar if you don't easily see the Hoover's reports in your results set.

Mergent Online
under Company Details

If your company is one of the major ones in its industry, you can try searching here, even though IBISWorld focuses on industry overviews more than it does individual companies.

Factiva is good for company background, business news and academic articles, and specializes in local and international news in English and many other languages. See the special News Pages tab for browsing.

Wall Street Journal
The fulltext of the WSJ is searchable by topic or browseable by day. It is our only source for fulltext of WSJ online.



What material is there for SWOT analyses?


Business Source Complete

IBISWorld (iExpert Risk summaries)

Nexis Uni



What information is there on top management?


Hoovers report content in Nexis Uni
Use the "Company Profiles" search mentioned above.

Mergent Online
Executives tab


Where can I get 10-year trends in a company’s stock price?


Mergent Online
Equity Pricing tab; also under Company Details - History tab there are easy to find summaries on LTD, changes in business & property holdings, capital stock actions



Where can I get the previous ytd market news on a company’s stock?


Mergent Online
Equity Pricing tab and News tab