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Finance Research: Finding SEC Filings & Annual Reports

This guide gathers in one place the links to company financial datasets, industry ratios, background information, news on finance topics and academic research articles for corporate finance and financial markets.

How do I find the SEC filings for my companies?

Quickest places to look:

Which SEC filings give me the most relevant information for my analysis?

The 10-K is a good place to be thorough. Especially check out the footnotes to the financials and the Management Discussion.

ARS —the annual report; SC-13 changes in beneficial ownership, S-8 changes in employee benefit plans, DEF 14 proxy series. For a complete list of the forms and what they cover see


Company Annual Reports

Guides & Background Reading

Want more? Check out the O'Reilly e-books on financial reporting and analysis.There are many classic titles here.