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GIS & Geospatial Technologies: GIS Data

Library Geospatial Data Holdings: "The X drive"

UC San Diego affiliate can browse the Library's geospatial data holdings that are hosted on the X drive in our Data & GIS Lab. You must be connected to UCSD VPN in order to browse. This is for BROWSING ONLY. You CANNOT DOWNLOAD any files. You must visit the Lab to access files until we are able to publish the data into an online portal (currently in development)

The data is organized geographically, roughly by continent, with topical data arrangement inside each folder.

Remember, if you are looking for data on a smaller area of geography, be sure to check the folder with the larger geography first.  An example would be if you are looking for data for only one of the states in the United States, you would want to look in the United States Data folder as well as the North America data folder.


If you are located on-campus, make sure that you are connected to the UCSD-Protected wifi.

If you are located off-campus, start by setting up VPN AnyConnect on your device.

The UC San Diego Health and Health Science VPN also provides off campus access to resources the Library provides. Instructions and assistance for UC San Diego Health and Health Science VPN users can be found in the Pulse intranet.


X Drive - Types of Geospatial Data

Africa_Data GIS_Workshop_Data
Asia_Data Global_Data
A_Datacruncher_Data Mexico_Data
Business_Analyst_Data 2008, 2010, 2016 North_America_Data
California Oceania_Data
Canada_Data San_Diego_Data
ESRI_Data_for_Workbooks South_America_Data
Europe_Data UCSD_Campus_Data
GIS_Tools United_States_Data

Online GIS Data Sites (a select few)

Below are some of the top resources for finding good GIS data online.