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GIS & Geospatial Technologies: Planet

Planet Story

With 200+ Dove CubeSat satellites in orbit, the Planet constellation provides a continuous view of the Earth’s land surfaces and coastal areas from above at 5m, 3.7m and 50cm ground pixel resolution. Planet captures over 300 million square kilometers of imagery each day in natural color, near infrared, and other channels. Access to their imagery database is obtained through APIs, web application, and GIS integrations and is exportable to other systems.

Planet Access and Licenses


Planet Usage Rights

“Education and Research Rights” means the right to: (i) use, access, and view Content through the Platform during the Term; (ii) reproduce, store, display, download. and print Content, and create Derivative Products in perpetuity; and (iii) publish articles related to or based upon the Content in perpetuity; provided however, any usage must be solely for (x) Noncommercial education or scientific research purposes, and (y) publication in academic or scientific research journals. Licensee agrees that all such publications must include an attribution that clearly and conspicuously identifies “Planet Labs PBC” as the source of the Content on which the publication was based.

Master Content License Agreement

Planet General Definitions

Planet Products

UC San Diego current campus affiliates have access to the following global datasets:

  • PlanetScope ~ 3.7m resolution in four spectral bands: RGB and Near Infrared

  • SkySat archive ~ 50cm resolution imagery older than 6 months (no imagery within the past 6 months)

  • RapidEye archive ~5m resolution imagery archive from 2009 to 2020

  • Basemaps - time series mosaicked products optimized for either visual reflectance (8-bit) or radiometric consistency (16-bit)

  • Planet Stories - a simple tool to provide imagery time-lapse

  • Access to imagery via an API, web applications or GIS integrations

For more information about Planet, see and the Planet documentation portal.

*The Library will manage the license. (2/1/24-1/31/25)

Planet Resources

UC San Diego specific training/resources