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GIS & Geospatial Technologies: Download ArcGIS Software

This guide provides GIS tutorials, data, books, course-specific GIS guides and other geospatial related information that might be of interest.

All current UC San Diego affiliates have access to ArcGIS Pro software through our campus license agreement. If you need a different version of ArcGIS Pro or another software product, open a support ticket and list the software and version you need.

Windows OS users can install ArcGIS products to machines. iOS can access the software through campus virtual environments, run Parallels or Bootcamps or use opensource software such as QGIS

For those users who still want to use ArcMap, you can have both Desktop and Pro installed on your computer. You can switch between them or you can use them at the same time. You cannot have two different versions of the same platform installed.

Download ArcGIS Pro and other Esri products

Download ArcGIS Pro Software

Access to download software is restricted to UCSD affiliates only. You must use your UC San Diego AD account. This does not support any alias accounts (e.g., or other). Open a support ticket if you have any issues accessing the software. 

Activate ArcGIS Pro License

You must have an account affiliated with the UC San Diego ArcGIS Online Organization ( Once you have created an account inside the UC San Diego ArcGIS Online Organization (instructions for creating an account), you are able to use ArcGIS Pro immediately.

There are a variety of GIS software programs/packages. See a list of GIS software programs such as QGIS, Carto, MapBox, Google Earth Engine and others.