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This guide provides GIS tutorials, data, books, course-specific GIS guides and other geospatial related information that might be of interest.

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This licensing applies to any document or text you find anywhere on this site.

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Who can use GIS @ UCSD?

If you are a CURRENT member of the UC San Diego community, you are welcome and invited to use the GIS resources at UC San Diego.  Our ESRI GIS software license does not permit members of the public, or past or future UC San Diego community members to use the software and associated data. 

General Info about GIS Data @ UC San Diego

If you are a UC San Diego person looking for GIS data, you want to start with either our X drive, or our list of GIS Data links in this guide.

The Data & GIS Lab keeps the majority of its GIS data on a drive called the X drive.  The data is organized geographically, roughly by continent, with topical data arrangement inside each folder. Topics are:

  • Boundaries, Districts and Jurisdictions
  • Census
  • Digital Elevation Models - DEMs
  • Geology, Geography and Topography
  • Hydrology
  • Imagery
  • Land Use, Zoning and Community Plans
  • Places
  • Transportation and Transportation-Related
  • Utilities

Remember, if you are looking for data on a smaller area of geography, be sure to check the folder with the larger geography first.  An example would be if you are looking for data for only one of the states in the United States, you would want to look in the United States Data folder as well as the North America data folder.

NOTE:  TO USE DATA ON THE X DRIVE YOU MUST BE IN THE DATA & GIS LAB. Our current configuration does not allow for the use of the Data & GIS Lab's GIS data to be accessed from anywhere other than the workstations in the Data & GIS Lab. In the future, we hope to provide virtual access with UC San Diego authentication to the data stored on the X drive. Sorry for any inconvenience!