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Census Research Guide: 2030


Planning is underway for the 2030 decennial census. Resources on this page are intended to capture important information about the planning process.

General Resources

Census Bureau Resources

2030 Census

  • main page for information about planning

Decennial Census by Decade: 2030

  • links to news releases, memorandum series, fact sheets, and more

2030 Census Timeline

2030 Census Research Project Explorer

  • information on "enhancement areas" that guide the development of the Census research agenda

2030 Census Advisory Committee


Alternative Futures for the Conduct of the 2030 Census

  • report on possibilities around expanded reliance on administrative records, rethinking the ACS, and sharing of the Master Address File

Soliciting Input or Suggestions on 2030 Census Preliminary Research (Federal Register notice)

report on the review of public responses submitted as input