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The UC San Diego Library is closed December 23, 2023 - January 2, 2024. Access to online resources remains available.

U.S. Government Information: Shutdown

Guide to information resources by and about the federal government.


Update: a shutdown was averted on September 30. The president signed into law H.R. 5860, a continuing resolution to fund the government through November 17.

Update 2: H.R. 6363 was signed into law on November 16. This continuing resolution extends funding for some agencies through January 19, 2024 and most agencies through February 2, 2024.

Government Shutdown

In the event of a government shutdown, many federal websites may be unavailable.  The Library provides access to several resources that may meet some research needs.

Resources listed across this LibGuide that show a blue lock symbol are databases the Library pays for, and these will not be affected by a shutdown. You can find a full list of our databases on the A-Z list; there, too, the blue lock symbol indicates paid resources.

Current UCSD affiliates may access these paid resources off campus via the VPN, and non-affiliates may access the resources from within the Library.

Many federal websites have been captured and archived by the Internet Archive, and are available via the Wayback Machine. While these pages can provide access to valuable government information, please be aware that some of the information may be out of date.

Contingency Plans

Below are links to contingency plans for federal agencies in the event of a shutdown; these may indicate which of the agency's activities will continue and which will cease, which staff will be furloughed and which are "excepted" from furlough, and other details.

Links below are from the Office of Management and Budget; several of the links on that page aren't working, so alternate access is noted where appropriate. I have tried to locate plans elsewhere on the agency website; if not available, I've linked to the latest capture in the Internet Archive. I will continually update as information is provided/corrected at the OMB site.