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U.S. Government Information: Press Releases

Guide to information resources by and about the federal government.

About News Releases

Press releases are great primary sources to learn about federal actions and priorities, official statements, administrative changes, new resources, and opposing views about topics under discussion. I save press releases from many of these sites, including all of the agencies listed, regularly in the Wayback Machine in an effort to help preserve long-term access to information that may be of research interest. Where possible, I save the press release itself as well as documents (e.g. correspondence, publications) linked in the release.

Congressional Caucuses (Select)

Senators and Representatives

Official directories of Senators and Representatives include links to those individuals' websites, most of which will have a link to News, Press, or Media at the top of page.

Congressional Committees: Press Releases (118th Congress, as of 2/3/23)

Note: highlighted items are not updated on committee websites and will be corrected when that information is available

Senate Committees, with Chairs and Ranking Members

 Agriculture, Nutrition, Forestry | Minority

 Health, Education, Labor & Pensions | Minority

 Appropriations | Minority

 Homeland Security/Govt Affairs | Minority

 Armed Services | Minority

 Indian Affairs | Minority

 Banking, Housing, Urban Affairs | Minority

 Judiciary  | Minority

 Budget | Minority

 Rules & Administration | Minority

 Commerce, Science, Transportation | Minority

 Select Committee on Ethics

 Energy & Natural Resources | Minority

 Select Committee on Intelligence

 Environment & Public Works | Minority

 Small Business & Entrepreneurship | Minority

 Finance | Minority

 Special Committee on Aging | Minority

 Foreign Relations | Minority

 Veterans Affairs | Minority


House Committees, with Chairs and Ranking Members

 Agriculture | Minority

 Energy & Commerce | Minority

 Natural Resources | Minority

 Appropriations | Minority

 Ethics | Minority

 Oversight & Reform | Minority

 Armed Services | Minority

 Financial Services | Minority

 Rules | Minority

 Budget | Minority

 Foreign Affairs | Minority

 Science/Space/Tech | Minority

 Climate Crisis, Select Committee

  • dissolved

 Homeland Security | Minority

 Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol

  • dissolved

  Coronavirus Crisis, Select   Subcommittee

 House Administration | Minority

 Small Business | Minority

  Economic Disparity & Fairness in Growth, Select Committee

  • dissolved

  Intelligence | Minority

 Transport/Infrastruct | Minority

 Education & Labor | Minority

 Judiciary | Minority

 Veterans Affairs | Minority


 Modernization of Congress, Select Committee

  • dissolved

 Ways & Means | Minority