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Properties of Chemicals and Materials: Home

Physical property data resources for chemicals and materials

Wireless & Off-Campus Access

Off-campus and on-campus/wifi access to most of the databases, ebooks, and journals licensed by the Library is restricted to UC San Diego students, faculty and staff.

This guide was created to help you locate information on physical properties for chemicals and materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, etc.), including:

  • The top databases to begin your search for property data.
  • Where to go for specialized topics like spectra or phase diagrams.
  • Additional print and electronic resources for your search, organized by property name.

As you search for physical property data, it's important to remember:

  • Your chemical/material may be in a database or handbook under another name. Note alternate names as you come across them, and for chemical substances note the CAS Registry Number, as many databases include CAS-RNs in the substance record.
  • Some properties are much easier to locate than others. You may have to go to the primary literature, refer to print handbooks, or (if possible) calculate the number or value you need based on data you already have or can find.