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Properties of Chemicals and Materials: Search by Property Name

If you cannot find what you're looking for in Knovel, SciFinder-n, Reaxys, or the other databases....

At some point you may have to refer back to more specialized resources, including older print property data collections. This list includes print and online sources, and is arranged by the property in question. check out the more property specific resources, which include both print and online titles. It was originally based on the Index to Physical, Chemical and Other Property Data formerly maintained at Arizona State University, but with more electronic resources (and even more to be added as time allows). Another excellent index of property sources is the UT Austin Chemistry Library's ThermoDex database, where you can identify possible print and web collections of thermochemical and thermophysical data by compounds and/or properties. Keep in mind that any call numbers and URLs are specific to their collections, so you would need to check our holdings to see if we have a title and where to find it.

The print titles are in the reference collection unless otherwise specified.