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Psychological and Medical Anthropology: Identity, Agency, Subjectivity in Cultural Worlds

Identity, Agency, Subjectivity in Cultural Worlds

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, these books are available in the Geisel Library.  A few of the sources are available online--for those which indicate "UCSD only" please follow these instructions when accessing from off-campus.

Chodorow, Nancy J. (1994), Femininities, masculinities, sexualities: Freud and beyond.

Chodorow, Nancy J. (1999), The power of feelings: personal meaning in psychoanalysis, gender, and culture.

Chodorow, Nancy J. (1999, 2nd ed.), The reproduction of mothering: psychoanalysis and the sociology of gender.

Cohen, Anthony P.  (1994),  Self Consciousness: An Alternative Anthropology of Identity.

Flax, Jane (1990), Thinking fragments: psychoanalysis, feminism, and postmodernism in the contemporary WestOnline access, UCSD only. Print copies also available in Geisel Library.  

Frank, Katherine (2002), G-strings & Sympathy: strip club regulars and male desire. Online access, UCSD only. Print copies also available in Geisel Library.  

Handler, Richard (1994), “Is ‘identity’ a useful cross-cultural concept?” in John R. Gillis, ed., Commemorations: the politics of national identity, Princeton University Press, pp. 27-40

Holland, Dorothy et al. (1998), Identity and Agency in Cultural Worlds.

Linger, Daniel Touro (2005),  Anthropology Through a Double Lens

Mageo, Jeannette, ed. (2002), Power and the Self.

Polier, Nicole and William Roseberry (1989), “Tristes tropes: post-modern anthropologists encounter the other and discover themselves,” Economy and Society 18(2): 245-264. Online access, UCSD only.

Rouse, Roger (1995), “Questions of identity: personhood and collectivity in transnational migration to the United States,” Critique of Anthropology 15: 351-380.  Online access, UCSD only.