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Career Choice & Change: Job Hunting, Internship Seeking & Discovering Your Career Path: Grad Students

This guide uncovers resources for exploration of careers and college major choices, career development and change, and resumes and interviewing.

what's in this guide?

This section highlights resources about career issues unique to graduate students, including practical materials that help with academic track and non-academic track career choice & job searching. The left box features general, recent titles. The remaining boxes group resources into sections about professional sources you can read to keep up with the field, the nature of the labor force, resources for adjuncts, diversity issues in the workplace, and career changers. Finally, there is a box about UCSD-specific groups and how to use the Library's online catalog to look for more.

Recent titles

Previously-featured titles:

How to Read Like a Pro

Every field and industry has at least one publication that people in the field read to keep up with what's going on. These magazines are in the Library's collections and you can access them and read like any pro in your field! For those exploring careers, they are great sources for inspiration. For job seekers, they are sources that can help you look knowledgable on trends, which can give you an edge for your job interviews and put you at ease for those moments of small talk with a potential employer.

Classic titles are:

resources about the labor force and careers

resources about being adjunct

resources specifically for career changers


UCSD Resources & Events

Search with Roger

Look up books in the UC Search:

For books to help you explore higher education, try searching using the following subject terms:

  • Doctor of Philosophy Degree -- United States
  • College teachers -- United States -- social conditions
  • College teaching - vocational guidance
  • College teachers, part time -- United States
  • First year teachers -- United States
  • Graduate students
  • Minority college teachers
  • Women college teachers
  • Universities & Colleges -- faculty
  • Scholarly electronic publishing
  • Tenure - college teachers - United States
  • Women in Higher Education

Below are subject phrases that uncover books that may help you find and get a job:

  • Career development
  • Cover letters
  • Employment interviewing
  • Job hunting
  • Job hunting - social network resources
  • Resumes (employment)
  • Vocational guidance

Diversity & inclusion in the workplace

Previously featured titles: