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Finance Research: Corporate Governance

This guide gathers in one place the links to company financial datasets, industry ratios, background information, news on finance topics and academic research articles for corporate finance and financial markets.

Where can I get information related to corporate governance?

Biographic information and news on executives and board members 

Use "Search by Content Type" dropdown box in Nexis Uni, and choose Biographical Information search. Try also under a company's Hoovers Profile ("Search by Content Type" Company Profiles)

For additional info, use  any one or more of these:
Business Insights: Global
Business Source Complete,
Regional Business News, or
Wall Street Journal

Seach individual executives' names as keywords to see if they've written anything, or been interviewed in the press


Another source is the Leadership Library Directories, which provide searchable information more than 40,000 major United States government, business, news media, law firm, and nonprofit organizations, including contact information for leadership, boards of directores and key staff details. For top executives, it often includes education and related background info.


Management compensation


  • Use "Search by Content Type" dropdown in Nexis Uni and choose Biographical Information, or Hoover’s profiles under "Search by Content Type" Company Profiles.
  • Mergent Online
    Executives tab

  • ThomsonONE/Investext
    Uses IE browser only. Search under Officers & Directors tab.
  • The above resources pick up the current compensation as reported to the SEC. Go here for more background on which forms to see if a., you can't find someone's, or b., you want additional years' info:


Ownership structure



Independent auditing firm


See the Investor Relations segment of the company’s website, or the latest annual report

Mergent Online
Once you open an individual company's record, the auditor appears in the blue header, just under the address.

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