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Market Research & Entrepreneurship: Supplemental Resources

Your guide for entrepreneurship & market research resources for Lab-to-Market classes & other activities using UC San Diego Library resources.

What this section is about

This section has background resources & quick links to specialized, non-business resources (e.g. in medicine and enginnering) that frequently get used by L2M students and others on campus doing market research.

Useful Guides & Links to Non-Business Resources

Web Search & Additional Academic Article Sources

Public Opinion & Polling Resources

Dictionaries & Handbooks

Need a business quotation? To understand a foreign-language business term? To find a handbook that will help you understand a business or technical process? To look up a word or term and get a specialized definition? Below are some of the most useful titles for market research look-ups.

Quick Links to Career Resources

Quick links are here. The full Career Resources Guide is more wide-ranging in what it helps you accomplish and the range of resources it lists.