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Finding Data & Statistics: Social Media


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Brandwatch, formerly Crimson Hexagon, is a web-based library of social media posts (updated in real-time) and social media analysis software platform. Posts can be searched using keywords and then either downloaded for off-line analysis with third party tools or analyzed using Crimson Hexagon’s data visualizations.

UC San Diego subscribed to Crimson Hexagon for “Scholarly and Educational Purposes” – which includes teaching, research, and institutional needs.

Read This First

UC San Diego-affiliated users of Crimson Hexagon may

  • use, reproduce, distribute, perform, and display
    • research methodology
    • summary data
    • Forsight reports

in connection only with

  • teaching
  • conference presentations
  • lectures
  • publications
  • future research

Ownership of data

  • Online content (e.g. blogs, forum posts, etc.) created by third parties that are collected by the ForSight Platform, including the raw data, is the property of the original author or source site.
  • Crimson Hexagon exclusively owns all rights, title and interest in and to all summary data provided on the ForSight platform. 
  • UC San Diego users exclusively own all right, title and interest in any of their own original works of authorship based on the Crimson Hexagon summary data or ForSight Reports.
  • A user’s ForSight Reports, summary data, and/or raw data may be similar or identical to those produced for or by any user if Monitors are initiated within the relevant time period utilizing similar or identical parameters.

In all cases, users of reports, analyses, output or other materials or information generated or produced by the Crimson Hexagon ForSight Platform are expected to provide proper citation: “Source:  Crimson Hexagon.”

Users agree that they

  • will not redistribute or create derivative works of Twitter Data.

In accessing and using Twitter Data users must comply with the Twitter privacy policy located at (“Privacy Policy”), the Twitter Terms of Service located at (“Twitter TOS”) and the Twitter Rules located at (“Twitter Rules”). Any public display of Twitter Data shall be called directly from the Twitter public API located at (“Public API”) and displayed as set forth at (“Embed Guidelines”) .

Crimson Hexagon may immediately terminate UC San Diego’s access to and continued retention of Twitter Content in the event that any UC San Diego user is

  • not in compliance with the Twitter TOS, Twitter Rules, Privacy Policy or the Embed Guidelines, or
  • using the Twitter Content in a manner that is otherwise harmful to the Content, Twitter or Twitter’s users.
  • will not access the ForSight Platform or API in order to
    • build a competitive product or service or copy any features, functions or graphics of the ForSight Platform.
    • modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, translate or otherwise attempt to derive the source code or the underlying ideas, algorithms, structure or organizational form of the ForSight Platform.
    • create derivative works based on the ForSight Platform.
    • copy, frame or mirror any part or content of the ForSight Platform or ForSight Reports, other than copying or framing ForSight Reports onto UC San Diego intranets or otherwise for UC San Diego internal business purposes and/or individual users’ scholarly and educational purposes.
    • remove or alter any proprietary notices or marks on the ForSight Platform, API, ForSight Reports, summary data or raw data.
  • will not use any Klout Data (in aggregate form or otherwise)
    • in connection with any online advertising network, advertising exchange, or data broker, even if the subject of such Klout Data consents to such use
    • for targeting ads to users, nor provide it in any cookies, pixels, or other common online advertising technologies
    • except as expressly authorized, copy, disclose, rent, lease, sell, transfer, distribute, assign, sublicense, disassemble, reverse engineer or decompile (except to the limited extent expressly authorized by applicable statutory law), modify or alter any Klout Data. 
    • Note: Klout data is no longer available, but may be included in legacy datasets.


To request an account, please send an email with a short (paragraph) description of your research project to Annelise Sklar. We will then contact you to discuss your specific needs and set up your account. Due to limited capacity, we cannot guarantee that all researchers will be granted immediate access to the service.


Though all UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students are eligible for Crimson Hexagon accounts, our subscription only has 56 queries (simultaneous searches) for all users to share.

Please be considerate of your fellow users.

  • Please use the following naming convention: Initials – (NAME OF MONITOR) – Keep until (DATE FILE CAN BE REMOVED)

For example, AYS – Geisel - Keep until 1/31/16

  • Delete your queries once you are done with them so that they can be available for other users.
  • Librarians may contact you about deleting your queries if all monitors are in use and additional users have research needs. The Library reserves the right to delete old queries as deemed necessary.

Additional Information

Data sources include:

  • Twitter: For Buzz and Opinon monitors, full Twitter Firehose (all public tweets) through a direct partnership with Twitter beginning July 2010. Twitter content via the Gardenhose from July 2009.(for Social Account monitors, Twitter content begins December 2013.)
  • Tumblr: Full Tumblr Firehose through a direct partnership with Tumblr beginning January 2015.
  • Reddit: Contains over 1.4 billion posts dating back to May 2008, with over 15 million posts added per week (80% of all Reddit data)
  • Tencent QQ: news articles and comments from, a Chinese online portal. Data begins January 9, 2018, with a daily average volume of 4.5 million posts. The library contains the news articles and comments that attracted the largest volume of conversation.
  • Blogs, for example
  • Forums, for example Baidu, Yahoo!, Steam, IMDB and Naver
  • BW Web Crawled
  • Reviews: Product-based reviews from consumer sites such as and
  • News: Fact-based articles by formal news organizations, such as CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.
  • YouTube: Content from video descriptions and comments.
  • Google Plus: Search Crimson Hexagon's pooled Google Plus content
  • Google Plus Pages: Search for content on specific page(s)
  • Facebook Pages: Search for content on specific wall(s) 
  • Instagram Hashtags: Track up to 30 hashtags. Instagram Business Account required. Hashtag data cannot be collected retroactively. 
  • VK Keywords: Data is not available historically.
  • Weibo*: As of September 1, 2015, currently unavailable due to the Chinese Government has forcing SINA to suspend all data leaving China through any and all data delivery vehicles pending an official policy regarding foreign use.
  • For the most up to date lists and descriptions, check Content Source: BasicContent Source: Targeted; and Content Source: Advanced pages.


Crimson Hexagon has an API that connects to a monitor you’ve already run in the ForSight planform.

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