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Finding Data & Statistics: Economics: Datastream in Refinitiv Workspace


Datastream access notes

Access is via Refinitiv Workspace, and additionally by requesting the Datastream add-on to do graphical exploration of trends and relationships between series. This Datasteam add-on provides charting features that help you better present your insights using features like correlation, slicing, recession bands, interactive annotations and more. The add-on allows data series and charts to be transferred and edited in Office applications, too.

May 2024 update: We have only a limited number of Datastream seats. Priority is to students with a research need for the add-on.

The Refinitiv Workspace platform hosts data researchers always came to Datastream for: historical financial database covering 40 million+ individual instruments or indicators across all major asset classes and economic indicators from 175 countries. It includes worldwide equity coverage direct from the stock markets, comprehensive market indices, economics data direct from national government sources as well as the OECD and IMF, fixed income securities and associated indices, commodities, derivatives, estimates, ESG performance and more.

Specific categories are numerous: bond indices, bonds, commodities, company profiles, convertibles, credit default swaps, derivatives, economics, energy, equities, equity indices, ESG data, estimates, exchange rates, fixed income, funds, fundamentals, interest rates, investment trusts. fixed income, funds, fundamentals, interest rates, investment trusts, market research and investment analyst reports, and Reuters Polls, and CodeBook for API access.



Main login to Refinitiv Workspace and all Datastream contents  -

First-time users should register first via

  • Request the Datasteam add-on when you reigister.
  • Register only once; otherwise login to Workspace using the main link.
  • Download limit of 150 pages per day, reset daily at midnight local time.
  • Refinitiv Workspace and Datastream are only available to UC San Diego students, faculty, and staff; only for non-commercial, academic research. Since January 2022, it replaces both ThomsonONE/Investext and Datastream, and now works across several browsers.