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GovSpeak Errors: 3/22

BCOE FBI Biometric Center of Excellence unable to verify; possibly replaced by PRSU - Programs Research and Standards Unit
CAP Criminal Alien Program changed to Criminal Apprehension Program, same acronym
CGS Division of Contracting and General Services unable to verify
CIAP Coastal Impact Assistance Program unable to verify
CIHS Center for Integrated Health Solutions changed to Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions, no acronym
DPEO Division of Public Education and Outreach reverted to DHC - Division of Health Communication
HEO Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate separated into ESDMD - Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate and SOMD - Space Operations Mission Directorate
LTAR Long Term Agroecosystem Research certificate error, able to access
NRCC National Response Coordination Center unable to verify