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GovSpeak Errors: 9/23


AIVRS-TAC American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services Training and Technical Assistance Center changed to AIVRTTAC - American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Training and Technical Assistance Center
DRG Center Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Governance unable to verify
IEIP International Emerging Infections Program unable to verify
IHB Office of International Health and Biodefense uable to verify
IRAP International Research and Applications Project unable to verify
LTAS LIfe Table Analysis System discontinued
NETCCN National Emergency Tele Critical Care Network changed to NETN - National Emergency Telemedicine Network
NLAPH National Leadership Academy for the Public's Health unable to verify
ORDS Occupational Respiratory Disease Surveillance unable to verify
PFS Pay for Success unable to verify
SARGDDC South Africa Regional Global Disease Detection Centre unable to verify
SARP Sectoral Applications Research Program unable to verify
SCO Office of Strategic Communications and Outreach unable to verify
SMDS Smart Monitoring and Diagnostic System unable to verify
SRCP Sodium Reduction in Communitiies Program unable to verify
WCI Weapons and Complex Integration changed to SD - Strategic Deterrence