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GovSpeak: A Guide to U.S. Government Acronyms & Abbreviations: E

The most current, extensive and fully-linked listing of U.S. government agency, office, program and publication acronyms.


E3 Economy, Energy and the Environment
E3SM Energy Exascale Earth System Model
E&C Enforcement and Compliance (older link archive)
EA Office of Enterprise Assessment
EAA Embryo Adoption Awareness Program
EAB Environmental Appeals Board
EAC Equity Assistance Centers | United States Election Assistance Commission
EAD Economic Analysis Division | Ecosystems & Aquaculture Division (older link archive) | Encoded Archival Description
EADB Estrogenic Activity Database (older link archive)
EADL Electrochemical Analysis and Diagnostics Laboratory
EADS USAID Economic Analysis and Data Services (changed to USAID Data Services)
EAEI Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts Division (older link archive)
EAFUS Everything Added to Food in the United States (changed to Substances Added to Food in the United States)
EAG Economy at a Glance
EAIPP Etiologic Agent Import Permit Program (changed to IPP)
EAM Elemental Analysis Manual for Food and Related Products (older link archive; archive2)
EAMC Eastern Area Modeling Consortium
e-AMLIS Abandoned Mine Land Inventory System (older link archive)
EAO Economic Analysis Office (unable to verify 9/16)
EAP Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs (older link archive) | Expedited Access Pathway (changed to Breakthrough Devices Program)
EAPO Epidemiology and Analytic Methods Program Office (unable to verify 6/14; likely replaced by ATMB)
EAR Earth Sciences | Exploratory Advanced Research (older link archive; archive2) | Export Administration Regulations
EARS Education and Administration Reporting System (older link archive)
Earth MRI Earth Mapping Resources Initiative
EAS Equipment Authorization System
EAVS Election Administration and Voting Survey (older link archive)
EB Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs (older link archive) | Enforcement Bureau (older link archive) | Epidemiology Branch (older link archive; archive2)
EBB Emergency Broadband Benefit Program
EBC Patent Electronic Business Center
EB/CIP Office of International Communications and Information Policy (changed to CIP)
EBCCP Evidence-Based Cancer Control Programs
EB/IFD International Finance and Development Unit (changed to IFD)
EBNN Environment, Biology, Nuclear Science, & Nonproliferation Directorate (older link archive)
EBP Evidence-Based Practices (older link archive; archive2)
EBS Employee Benefits Survey | Enterprise Business Solutions
EBSA Employee Benefits Security Administration (older link archive)
EB/TRA Transportation Affairs Division (changed to TRA)
EC Energy & Climate (changed to Energy)
ECA Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (older link archive)
ECAB Employees' Compensation Appeals Board (older link archive)
ECAP Endangered Child Alert Program
ECAS Economic and Cost Analysis for Air Pollution Regulations | EOIR Courts & Appeals System
ECC Office of Export Control Cooperation (older link archive; archive2)
ECCC Emergency Care Coordination Center (unable to verify 8/19)
ECCS Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems
ECD Emergency Communications Division (older link archive) | Energy Citations Database (merged into SciTech Connect 8/13, then 2/18) | Environmental Compliance Division (unable to verify 3/21; possibly changed to ECP) | Office of Early Childhood Education
eCFR Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (older link archive)
ECFS Electronic Comment Filing System (older link archive)
ECHO Enforcement and Compliance History Online | Experience of Care and Health Outcomes Survey
ECHPP Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Planning
ECI Early Childhood Institute (unable to verify 10/12)
ECIB Education and Community Involvement Branch (older link archive; archive2)
ECIE Executive Council on Integrity and Effiency (changed to CIGIE)
ECIP Enhanced Critical Infrastructure Protection (changed to Assist Visits; older link archive)
ECLKC Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center
ECLS Early Childhood Longitudinal Study
ECO Ecosystems Mission Area (older link archive) | Export Control Officer Program
ECOS Environmental Conservation Online System
ECOSTRESS ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
ECP Electronic Check Processing | Emergency Conservation Program | Environmental Compliance Program | Exascale Computing Project | Export Compliance Program
ECPC Emergency Communications Preparedness Center
eCPIC Electronic Capital Planning and Investment Control System (older link archive)
eCQI Electronic Clinical Quality Improvement
eCR Electronic Case Reporting
ECR Export Control Reform (older link archive; archive2; archive3) | U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (changed to NCECR)
ECRP Emergency Capital Repair Program (older link archive)
ECS Enterprise Classification System | Extended Continental Shelf Project (older link archive; archive2) | Environmental Chemical Sciences
ECSA Economics and Statistics Administration (unable to verify 10/18)
ECSH Ethnic Community Self-Help (older link archive)
ECT Employment Cost Trends
ECTF Electronic Crimes Task Force (older link archive)
ECTTAS Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance Systems
ECWHSP Enhanced Coal Workers’ Health Surveillance Program
ED Department of Education
EDA Economic Development Administration
EDAT Education Data Analysis Tool (older link archive)
EDFIN Education Finance Statistics Center
EDG Community Resilience Economic Decision Guide for Buildings and Infrastructure Systems | Environmental Dataset Gateway
EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval
EDGE Education Demographic and Geographic Estimates | Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment
EDHS ECS Data Handling System (unable to verify 2/21; older link archive)
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDIE Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (older link archive)
EDL Electrochemical Discovery Laboratory
EDM Estuary Data Mapper
EDMC Environmental Data Management Committee
EDOCS Electronic Document Management System
EDRN Early Detection Research Network
EDSCLS ED School Climate Surveys
EDSP Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program
EDX Energy Data eXchange
EE Environmental Education
EEC Division of Engineering Education and Centers
EEEL Eastern Energy and Environmental Laboratory | Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory (absorbed into PML)
EEHS Division of Emergency and Environmental Health Services (unable to verify 1/20)
EEM Energy Efficient Mortgage Program (older link archive)
EEOB Eisenhower Executive Office Building (formerly, Old Executive Office Building - OEOB)
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEOICPA Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (older link archive)
EEOMBD Ombudsman for the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (older link archive)
EEP Epidemiology Elective Program | External Expertise and Partnerships (changed to PAIRS; older link archive; archive2)
EERE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
EES Earth and Environmental Sciences (unable to verify 11/18) | Energy and Environmental Sciences (changed to EESD)
EESA Earth and Environmental Sciences Area
EESC Eastern Ecological Science Center
EESD Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate (unable to verify 12/20)
EETD Environmental Energy Technologies Division (changed to ETA)
EEZ U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone
EF Division of Emerging Frontiers
EFAB Environmental Financial Advisory Board (older link archive)
EFAST Electronic Filing Acceptance System
EFC Environmental Finance Center
EFCN Environmental Finance Center Network (older link archive)
EFH Essential Fish Habitat (older link archive)
EFMA Division of Emerging Frontiers and Multidisciplinary Activities
EFNEP Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (older link archive)
EFRCs Energy Frontier Research Centers (older link archive)
EFRP Emergency Forest Restoration Program
EFSMS Educational Field and Small Mine Services
EFST Export Facilitation Services Team (unable to verify 11/17)
EFS-Web Electronic Filing System-Web (older link archive)
EFTPS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
EGAPP Evaluation of Genomic Applications in Practice and Prevention
EGDB Energy Resources Program Geochemistry Laboratory Database (older link archive)
E-Gov Office of E-Government and Information Technology
EGP Equipment Grants Program
eGRID Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (older link archive; archive2; archive3)
EGRP Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program
EGS Energy and Global Security (older link archive)
EGSC Eastern Geographic Science Center (unable to verify 5/19; probably merged into or changed to Florence Bascom Geoscience Center)
EHC Effective Health Care Program | Environmental Health Capacity
EHE Ending the HIV Epidemic
EHHE Environmental Hazards and Health Effects (unable to verify 1/20)
EHP Earthquake Hazards Program | Environmental Health Perspectives
EHR Directorate for Education and Human Resources | Electronic Health Records Incentive Programs (changed to PI)
EHS Environmental Health Services Branch
EHSC Environmental Health Support Center
EHS-CCP Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships (changed to The Partnership Center - unable to verify 11/18)
EHS-Net Environmental Health Specialists Network
EHSS Office of Environment, Health, Safety and Security
EIA Early Independence Award | Economic Impact Analyses | Energy Information Administration
EIB Economic Information Bulletin | Experimental Immunology Branch | Export Import Bank of the United States
EIC Electron-Ion Collider Directorate | Energy Investor Center (unable to verify 10/19; older link archive)
EID Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal | Emerging Infectious Diseases programs | Enforcement Integrated Database (older link archive)
EIDL COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan
EIEN Environmental Information Exchange Network
EIP Economic Impact Payments | Emerging Infections Programs
EIP Card Economic Impact Payment Card
EIPB Explosives Industry Programs Branch (changed to Explosives Industry)
EIR Education Innovation and Research Program
EIS Environmental Impact Statement | Epidemic Intelligence Service
EITC Earned Income Tax Credit (older link archive)
EITI US Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (unable to verify 6/20; older link archive)
EJ Environmental Justice
EJCPS Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Cooperative Agreement Program
EJI Elder Justice Initiative
EJ IWG Federal Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice
EJSCREEN Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool
EL Engineering Laboratory
ELAB Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board (unable to verify 1/20; older link archive)
ELAP Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honey Bees, & Farm- raised Fish
ELC Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Diseases
ELD Ethics & Compliance Law Division
ELIPS Electronic Library of Interior Policies (older link archive)
ELMS EPA Lean Management System
ELPB Ethics Law and Policy Branch (older link archive)
ELS Education Longitudinal Study | Experimental Licensing System
ElSi Elementary/Secondary Information System
ELSI Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Research Program (older link archive)
EM Office of Environmental Management
EMA Ecosystems Mission Area (archive2)
EMAB Environmental Management Advisory Board (older link archive)
EMAP Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (discontinued)
EMC Air Emission Measurement Center | Ecosystem Management Coordination (older link archive) | Electron Microscopy Center (unable to verify 1/18) | Energetic Materials Center | Environmental Modeling Center (older link archive)
EMDP Energy and Mineral Development Program (older link archive; archive2)
EMERSC Eastern Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center (unable to verify 2/21; older link archive)
EMG Election Management Guidelines
EMI Emergency Management Institute
EML Environmental Measurements Laboratory (changed to NUSTL)
EMMO Office of Emergency Management and Medical Operations (older link archive)
EMP Electricity Markets and Policy Group | Emerging Markets Program
EMPG Emergency Management Performance Grant (older link archive)
EMS Emergency Medical Services | Environmental Management Systems
EMSC Emergency Medical Services for Children (older link archive)
EMSL William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (older link archive; archive2)
EM SSAB EM Site Specific Advisory Board (older link archive)
EMSSD Emergency Management, Safety, and Security Division
EMU Evaluation and Measurement Unit (inactive or defunct 2/17)
ENC Electronic Navigational Charts (older link archive)
ENG Directorate for Engineering | Endocrinology, Nutrition & Growth Branch (changed to PGNB)
ENOW Economics: National Ocean Watch (older link archive; archive2)
ENR Bureau of Energy Resources (older link archive)
ENRD Environment and Natural Resources Division
ENS Earthquake Notification Service
ENSO El Niño and the Southern Oscillation
ENT Emerging Network Technologies Group (unable to verify 4/22)
ENV Office of Environmental Quality
EO Enterprise Operations (unable to verify 7/17) | Executive Order
EOAF Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture (changed to TEOAF)
EOC CDC Emergency Operations Center (older link archive) | Education Opportunity Centers program
EOD/LIC Explosive Ordnance Disposal/Low-Intensity Conflict (merged into CTTSO)
EOF Experimental Operations and Facilities
EOG Earth Observation Group
EOIR Executive Office for Immigration Review
EOP Executive Office of the President (older link archive)
EOS Earth Observing System
EOSDIS Earth Observing System Data and Information System
EOSPSO EOS Project Science Office
EOUSA Executive Office for United States Attorneys
EOUST Executive Office for U.S. Trustees
EP Employment Projections
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPAP Emergency Prescription Assistance Program (older link archive)
EPAS Economic and Policy Analysis Staff
EPC Evidence-based Practice Center (older link archive)
EPD Directorate of Educational Policy and Development | Ecosystem Processes Division | Emergency Programs Division
EPHML Environmental and Public Health Microbiology Laboratory
EPHT Environmental Public Health Tracking Program
EPIC Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera | Emergency Partners Information Connection | Environmental Profiling and Initiation of Convection
EPLS Excluded Parties List System (merged into SAM; archived)
EPO Epidemiology Program Office (unable to verify 1/20)
EPP Employment Projections Program | Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (older link archive)
EPPD Engineering Policy, Practice and Development Division | Office of Economic Policy Analysis & Public Diplomacy (older link archive)
EPPMD Engineering Program/Project Management Division (changed to EPPD)
EPR NIOSH Emergency Preparedness and Response
EPSA Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis (changed to OP; older link archive)
EPSDT Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (older link archive; archive2)
ePSS Electronic Preventive Services Selector (changed to Prevention TaskForce)
EPT Employer-Provided Training
EQD Environmental Quality Division
EQIP Environmental Quality Incentives Program
EQR Electric Quarterly Report (older link archive; archive2; archive3)
EQT Office of Environmental Quality and Transboundary Issues (changed to ENV)
eRA Electronic Research Administration
ERA Electronic Records Archives
ERASC Ecological Risk Assessment Support Center
ERAT Emergency Response and Air Toxicants Branch (unable to verify 7/14; likely changed to ERB)
ERB Emergency Response Branch | Epidemiology Research Branch (older link archive)
ERCS Emergency and Regulatory Compliance Services
ERD Environmental Research Division (older link archive; archive2)
ERDDAP Environmental Research Division's Data Access Program
ERE Environmental Research and Education
EREN Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (changed to EERE)
ERFO Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (older link archive)
ERHMS Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance
ERIC Educational Resources Information Center
ERME Extension Risk Management Education Program
ERO Enforcement and Removal Operations (older link archive)
EROD Education Resource Organizations Directory (unable to verify 5/15)
EROS Earth Resources Observation and Science (older link archive)
ERP Economic Report of the President | Energy Resources Program (older link archive; archive2)
ERPD Extramural Research & Partnerships Division
ERRB Emergency Response and Recovery Branch
ERRC Eastern Regional Research Center
ERRF Emergency Response Readiness Force
ERRP Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (older link archive)
ERS Economic Research Service
ERSH-DB Emergency Response Safety and Health Database
ERSST Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (older link archive; archive2)
ERT Electronic Reporting Tool (older link archive) | Environmental Response Team
ERTB Exposure, Response, and Technology Branch
ERTP Extramural Research and Training Programs
ERTU Evidence Response Team Unit
ES Ecological Services (older link archive) | Endangered Species (older link archive) | Energy Systems (older link archive)
ESA Economics and Statistics Administration (unable to verify 10/18) | Employment Standards Administration (defunct 11/09)
ESAR-VHP Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals
ESB Earth Systems Biogeochemistry Laboratory | Ecosystems Surveys Branch (older link archive)
ESC Energy, Sanctions and Commodities (changed to TFS) | Energy Security Center (unable to verify 1/15) | Enterprise Services Center | Office of Emerging Security Challenges
ESD Earth Science Division | Earth Sciences Division (changed to EESA) | Environmental Sciences Division (older link archive; archive2)
ESDIS Earth Science Data and Information System (older link archive)
ESDMD Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate
ESG Emergency Solutions Grants Program
ESGF Earth System Grid Federation
ESI Earth Surface and Interior | Environmental Sensitivity Index | Experimental Sites Initiative
ESLR Effects of Sea Level Rise
ESM Earth Systematic Missions Program (older link archive)
ESMC Economic Security Mission Center
ESMIS USDA Economics, Statistics and Market Information System (older link archive)
ESnet Energy Sciences Network
ESOC Enterprise Security Operations Center
ESP Enterprise Statistics Program | Environmental Studies Program (older link archive; archive2)
ESPD Earth Science Projects Division
ESPIS Environmental Studies Program Information System (older link archive)
ESPP Endangered Species Protection Program
ESPSF Environmental Sample Preparation and Sequencing Facility
ESR Export Sales Reporting
ESRD QIP End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program
ESRL Earth System Research Laboratory
eSRS Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System
ESS Earth System Science (changed to ESSM; older link archive) | Energy Storage Systems (older link archive; archive2) | Environmental System Science Program
ESS-DIVE Environmental Systems Science Data Infrastructure for a Virtual Ecosystem
ESSM Earth System Science and Modeling (older link archive)
ESSP Earth System Science Pathfinder Program (older link archive)
EST Database of Expressed Sequence Tags (merged itno Nucleotide)
ESTA Electronic System for Travel Authorization
E-STATS E-Commerce Statistics
ESTH Environment, Science, Technology, and Health
ESTO Earth Science Technology Office
ESTSC Energy Science and Technology Software Center (replaced by DOE CODE)
ESTTA Electronic System for Trademark Trials and Appeals
ESV Enhanced Safety of Vehicles
ET Emerging Technologies (unable to verify)
ETA Electronic Transfer Account (terminated 8/18; older link archive) | Employment and Training Administration (older link archive) | Energy Technologies Area
ETAAC Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (older link archive; archive2; archive3)
ETFS Electronic Tariff Filing System
ETIB Experimental Transplantation and Immunology Branch (older link archive)
eTIC Electronic Technical Information System (older link archive)
ETJD Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration (older link archive)
ETOH Alcohol and Alcohol Problems Science Database (unable to verify 9/15)
ETRS EAS Test Reporting System
ETV Environmental Technology Verification Program (archived page; program ended)
EU Explosives Unit (unable to verify 8/21)
EUR Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs (older link archive)
EUR/ACE Office of the Coordinator of U.S. Assistance to Europe and Eurasia
eVetRecs Electronic Veterans Records
EVL Environmental Visualization Laboratory (unable to verify 8/18; likely merged into Imagery and Data, then Imagery Collections)
EVPS Emerging Viral Pathogens Section (older link archive)
EVS Environmental Science Division (older link archive)
EVUS Electronic Visa Update System
EWCP Export Working Capital Program (older link archive)
EWD Education and Workforce Development Program
EWEM Early Warning and Environmental Monitoring Program
EWIDS Early Warning Infectious Disease Surveillance (defunct)
EWOC Enterprising Women of Color
eWORLD Work-Related Lung Disease Surveillance System
EWPP Emergency Watershed Protection Program
ExCELS Early Care and Education Leadership Study
EXCITE Extension COVID Immunization Training and Education
EXD Explosives Division (changed to Explosives Detection, then Explosives Threat Assessment)
Exec Sec Council of Federal Executive Secretariats (unable to verify 8/17)
ExEP Exoplanet Exploration Program
Ex-Im Export-Import Bank of the United States (also, EIB)
EXIS Office of Import Surveillance
EXO Exobiology & Evolutionary Biology
ExoPAG Exoplanet Exploration Program Analysis Group
EZACJRP Easy Access to the Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement