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GovSpeak: A Guide to U.S. Government Acronyms & Abbreviations: M

The most current, extensive and fully-linked listing of U.S. government agency, office, program and publication acronyms.


M2M Mark-to-Market (older link archive)
M3 Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, and Orders Survey | Modernization and Migration Management
M3UFO Manufacturers' Unfilled Orders Survey (older link archive)
MAC Market Access and Compliance (unable to verify 1/20)
MACBIS Medicaid and CHIP Business Information System
MACOSH Maritime Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (older link archive)
MACPAC Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission
MACPro Medicaid and CHIP Program
MADS Metadata Authority Description Schema
MAEGLIN Molecular Analyzer for Efficient Gas-phase Low-power INterrogation
MAFCL Methods and Application of Food Composition Laboratory
MAGIC Middleware and Grid Interagency Coordination Team (older link archive)
MAIRS Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study (unable to verify 8/17)
MAML Metal Additive Manufacturing Laboratory
MAP Market Access Program | Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (changed to Risk MAP) | Museum Assessment Program
MAPP Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (older link archive; archive2)
MAPS Mapping and Analysis for Public Safety (unable to verify 10/19) | Mass Attacks in Public Spaces | Mobile Applications for Public Safety (older link archive; archive2)
MARAD Maritime Administration (older link archive)
MARC Machine-Readable Cataloging
MARI Minority HIV/AIDS Research Initiative
MARINe Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network (older link archive)
MARSSIM Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual
MARTS Advance Monthly Retail Trade Survey
MARVEL Machine Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library
MASCD Mission Assurance Standards and Capabilities Division
MASS Management Assessment Subsystem
MAST Marriage Strengthening Research and Dissemination Center
MAT Medication-Assisted Treatment
MATCH Medications at Transitions and Clinical Handoffs | Metadata Access Tool for Climate and Health (discontinued 6/18; archive)
MATERIAL Machine Translation for English Retrieval of Information in Any Language
MATES Multi-Agency Tissue Engineering Science (unable to verify 2/16)
MATRIX Multi-State Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange (.pdf)
MATS Mercury and Air Toxics Standards
MAUDE Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience
MAVEN Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN
MB Media Bureau (older link archive) | Metabolism Branch (changed to LYMB)
MBC Office of Missile, Biological, and Chemical Nonproliferation (older link archive; archive2)
MBCC Migratory Bird Conservation Commission (older link archive)
MBDA Minority Business Development Agency
MBDP Minority Bank Deposit Program (older link archive)
MBES Medicaid Budget and Expenditure System
MBN Middle East Broadcasting Networks
MBON Marine Biodiversity Observation Network
MCB Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences | Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse and Co-occurring Infections Branch (changed to CMB)
MCBS Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (older link archive; archive2) | Midsize and Community Bank Supervision
MCC Millennium Challenge Corporation
MCD Medicare Coverage Database (older link archive; archive2) | Monarch Conservation Database (older link archive)
MCDW Monthly Climatic Data for the World
MCE My Community Explorer
MCH Maternal and Child Health program
MCHB Maternal and Child Health Bureau
MCHEP Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Program
MCHESP Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology and Statistics Program (unable to verify 12/21)
MCHIRC Maternal and Child Health Information Resource Center (changed to MCHESP)
MCI Mortality in Correctional Institutions (older link archive)
MCIDGB Metabolic, Cardiovascular and Inflammatory Disease Genomics Branch (older link archive)
MCRMC Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission (unable to verify 5/16; final report)
MCS Mathematics and Computer Science Division (older link archive) | Mineral Commodity Summaries (older link archive; archive2) | Office of Mission and Capability Support
MCSD Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Subcommittee
MCSG Midwest Center for Structural Genomics
MCTF Middle Class Task Force (defunct or inactive 1/17, WH transition)
MDA Maritime Domain Awareness
MDAT Microdata Access Tool
MDB Medications Development Branch | Multilateral Development Banks (older link archive) | Mycotic Disease Branch
MDCC Muscular Dystrophy Coordinating Committee
MDCP Market Development Cooperator Program
MDEP Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program
MDF Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (older link archive)
M/DGHR Bureau of Human Resources (changed to GTM; older link archive)
MDI Minority Depository Institutions
MDM Mis-, Dis-, Malinformation
MDP Marine Debris Program
MDPP Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program
MDR Medical Device Reporting (older link archive)
MDRP Medicaid Drug Rebate Program
MDRS Mine Data Retrieval System (older link archive)
MDS Minimum Data Set
MDSCC Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex (older link archive)
MDTB Medications Discovery & Toxicology Branch (older link archive; archive2)
MDTI Mine Drainage Technology Initiative (older link archive)
MEaSUREs Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments
MEB Metabolic Epidemiology Branch (older link archive)
MECS Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey
MECT Medicaid Enterprise Certification Toolkit
MED Bureau of Medical Services (older link archive) | Microenterprise Development (older link archive) | Minority Enterprise Development
MEDCAC Medicare Evidence Development & Coverage Advisory Committee
M/EDCS Office of Emergencies in the Diplomatic and Consular Service (unable to verify 2/21; older link archive)
MedMorph Making EHR Data More Available for Research and Public Health (older link archive)
MedPAC Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
MEET Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment Toolkit
MEG Model Evaluation Group
MEP Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership | Medium Energy Physics | Migrant Education Program
MEPAG Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group
MEPI U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative
MEPS Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
MEQC Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control
MERF Materials Engineering Research Facility
MERL Materials Engineering and Research Lab (unable to verify 11/16)
MERT Marine Ecosystems Climate Risk Team (older link)
MESA Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis Air Study (unable to verify 11/21)
MeSH Medical Subject Headings
METL Mechanisms Engineering Test Loop
METLab Mechanical and Environmental Testing Laboratory
MetOp Meteorological Operational satellite
METS Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard
MFP Market Facilitation Program (older link archive; archive2) | Minority Fellowship Program | Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration program (older link archive; archive2) | Multifactor Productivity (older link archive)
MFRC Midwest Forensics Resource Center (unable to verify 12/19)
MGB Medical Genetics Branch (older link archive)
MGC Molecular Genomics Laboratory Core
MGG Marine Geology and Geophysics
MGGD Marine Geology and Geophysics Division (changed to MGG)
MGH Maternity Group Homes for Pregnant and Parenting Youth Program
MGI Materials Genome Initiative
MGLS:2017 Middle Grades Longitudinal Study of 2017–18
MGM Minerals & Geology Management (older link archive; archive2)
MGMGB Medical Genomics and Metabolic Genetics Branch (changed to CPHR; older link archive)
MHA Making Homes Affordable (older link archive)
MHAF Minority HIV/AIDS Fund
MH-CLD Mental Health Client-Level Data (older link archive)
MH RRTPs Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs
MHS Manufactured Housing Survey | Manufactured Housing Programs
MIAO Made in America Office
MIC Microscopy and Imaging Core
MICAD Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database
MicroE4AI MicroElectronics for Artificial Intelligence
MICrONS Machine Intelligence from Cortical Networks
MIDAS Modernize and Innovate the Delivery of Agricultural Systems program
MIDOs Manufacturing Inspection District Offices
MIECHV Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting
MIHI Maternal and Infant Health Initiative
MII Medicaid Integrity Institute
MiMM Misadventures in Money Management
MIPS Merit-based Incentive Payment System (older link archive)
MIRE Model Inventory of Roadway Elements
MIRS Monthly Interest Rate Survey
MIS Mineral Industry Surveys (older link archive; archive2)
MISE Maritime Information Sharing Environment (unable to verify 8/18)
MIST Molecular Information Storage
MITA Medicaid Information Technology Architecture
MITR Manufacturing and International Trade Report
MIX Metadata for Images in XML Schema
MJIEDSP Multi-Jurisdiction Improvised Explosive Device Security Planning (older link archive)
MK&HFL Metabolic Kitchen and Human Feeding Lab
MLARS Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section
MLN Medicare Learning Network (older link archive; archive2)
MLR Monthly Labor Review
MLRS Mineral & Land Records System (older link archive)
MLS Mass Layoff Statistics
MLU Major Land Uses
MMAB Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
MMB Molecular Medicine Branch (older link archive)
MMC Marine Mammal Commission
MMD Mission Management Directorate (unable to verify 4/13)
MMDL Medicaid Model Data Lab
MMHSRP Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program (older link archive)
MMIC Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center
MMIS Marine Minerals Information System | Medicaid Management Information System
MML Marine Mammal Laboratory (older link archive) | Material Measurement Laboratory
MMM Marine Mammals Management (older link archive; archive2; archive3)
MMNA Missing and Murdered Native Americans
MMP Marine Minerals Program | Medical Monitoring Project | Missing Migrant Program | Molecular Medicine Program (changed to Metals Biology and Molecular Medicine Group, then Molecular Medicine Group) | Museum Management Program
MMRR Medicare & Medicaid Research Review
MMS MEDLARS Management Section | Minerals Management Service (changed to BOEMRE)
MMTD Marine Mammal & Turtle Division (older link archive)
MMU Missing and Murdered Unit
MMWR Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
MNMS Monitor National Marine Sanctuary
MNRG Midwest Natural Resources Group (unable verify 3/15)
MNSA Office of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs (older link archive; archive2)
MOB Medical Oncology Branch (changed to MOS)
MOC Marine Operations Center
MoDA Ministry of Defense Advisors (unable to verify 7/15)
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
MODS Metadata Object Description Schema
M-OISPA Minority Farm Operator Occupational Injury Surveillance of Production Agriculture Survey
MOLIS Minority On-Line Information Service (defunct)
MONAHRQ My Own Network, powered by AHRQ
MOOSE Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment
MOPS Management and Organizational Practices Survey (older link archive)
MOS Medical Oncology Service
MOV Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor (older link archive; archive2)
MOVES MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator
MPA Marine Protected Areas
MPAD Missions and Programs Assessment Division
MPA FAC Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee
MPC Materials Preparation Center | Mobile Passport Control
MPF Mars Pathfinder (older link archive)
MPG Model Programs Guide (older link archive)
MPIDB Maternal and Pediatric Infectious Disease Branch
MPN Master Promissory Note
M-POWER Multilateral Partnership for Organizing, Worker Empowerment, and Rights Initiative
MPP Migrant Protection Protocols (older link archive)
MPP-Dairy Margin Protection Program for Dairy Producers
M/PRI Office of Management Policy, Rightsizing, and Innovation (changed to M/SS; older link archive)
MPS Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences
MQL Master Question List
MRC Medical Reserve Corps
MRCTR Mapping, Remote-sensing, Cartography, Technology, and Research (older link archive; archive2; archive3)
MRDS Mineral Resources Data System
MRI Major Research Instrumentation Program (older link archive)
MRIP Marine Recreational Information Program (older link archive)
MRLC Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics Consortium
MRM Minerals Revenue Management (changed to ONRR)
MRMS Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor System
MRO Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
MRP Mineral Resources Program (older link archive; archive2)
MRPBS Marketing and Regulatory Programs Business Services
MRR Microenterprise Results Reporting (older link archive)
MRS Minorities and Retirement Security Program (unable to verify 5/21)
MRSP Medical Research Scholars Program (older link archive; archive2)
MRTP Modified Risk Tobacco Products (older link archive)
MRTS Monthly Retail Trade Survey
MS Mission Support (older link archive)
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area (older link archive)
MSAP Magnet Schools Assistance Program
MSB Mission Support Bureau (changed to MS) | Money Services Businesses
MSBE Mountain State Broadband Expressway (older link archive)
MSC FEMA Flood Map Service Center (older link archive) | Management Services Center (unable to verify 11/16)
MSCG Midwest Center for Structural Genomics (older link archive)
MSD Materials Science Division, ANL (older link archive) | Materials Science Division, LLNL (older link archive) | Mission Support Directorate
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets (unable to verify 9/13)
MSE Materials Sciences and Engineering Division
MSEE Molten Salts in Extreme Environments
MSEIP Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program
MSEL Materials Science and Engineering Library (changed to MML)
MSFIDM Multistate Financial Institution Data Match
MSFWs Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers (earlier link archive; archive2)
MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration
MSI Medicare Administrative Contractor Satisfaction Indicator (unable to verify 4/21)
MSIP Minority Serving Institutions Program
MSIS Medicaid Statistical Information System (changed to T-MSIS)
MSN Macromolecular, Supramolecular and Nanochemistry
MSP Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program (older link archive) | Maritime Security Program (older link archive) | Mathematics and Science Partnerships (older link archive) | Medicare Secondary Payer
MSPB Merit Systems Protection Board
MSPD Monthly Statement of the Public Debt
MSR Marine Scientific Research
MSRP Montrose Settlements Restoration Program
MSRS Monthly State Retail Sales
M/SS Office of Management Strategy and Solutions
MST Maritime Security Team | Materials Science and Technology Division (older link archive)
MS-TC Modeling and Simulation Technology Center
MTBS Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity
MT&D Marine Trash and Debris (older link archive)
MTDP Minority Telecommunications Development Program
MTED Market and Trade Economics Division
MTF Monitoring the Future Survey (older link archive)
MTI Mineta Transportation Institute
MTS Marine Transportation System (older link archive) | Model Tribal System | Monthly Treasury Statement (older link archive)
MTW Moving to Work (older link archive)
Mu2e Muon-to-Electron-Conversion Experiment
MUSE Multi-Site Implementation Evaluation of Tribal Home Visiting (older link archive)
MVP Million Veteran Program
MWEPA Mexican Wolf Experimental Population Area (older link archive; archive2)
MWL Mariners Weather Log
MWOBs Minority and Women Owned Businesses
MWTS Monthly Wholesale Trade Survey
MXP Import/Export Price Indexes