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GovSpeak: A Guide to U.S. Government Acronyms & Abbreviations: T

The most current, extensive and fully-linked listing of U.S. government agency, office, program and publication acronyms.


T&E Threatened and Endangered
TA Technology Administration (defunct)
TAA Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms
TAATC Division of Trade Agreement Administration and Technical Cooperation (unable to verify 5/14)
TABSS Technical, Acquisition and Business Support Services (changed to Professional & Office Area Support Services; older link archive)
TAC Tribal Advisory Committee (older link archive)
TACCIMO Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options (older link archive)
TACP Transformative Aeronautics Concept Program
TACT Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks Program (older link archive)
TAD Tax Audit Division (older link archive; archive2) | Toolsets for Airborne Data (decommissioned ~9/20, to be replaced in Fall 2020 by SOOT-the Sub-Orbital Order Tool)
TAG Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow (unable to verify 9/20)
TAGGS Tracking Accountability in Government Grants System
TALF Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility
TALIS Teaching and Learning International Survey
TANC Office of Trade Agreements Negotiations and Compliance
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
TAO Tropical Atmosphere Ocean project
TAP Transition Assistance Program (older link archive; archive2) | Transportation Alternatives Program | Tree Assistance Program | Tribal Access Program | Tribal Action Plan
TAPD Telecommunications Access Policy Division
TAR Tranportation Acquisition Regulation (older link archive)
TARGET Technology & Accessible Resources Give Employment Today Center | Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments
TARP Troubled Asset Relief Program
TAS Taxpayer Advocate Service (older link archive) | Teacher at Sea Program (older link archive)
TASC Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops
TAVISS Targeted Violence Information Sharing System
TB Division of Tuberculosis Elimination
TBAC Tribal Budget Advisory Council (changed to TIBC)
TBDWG Tick-Borne Disease Working Group
TBESC Tuberculosis Epidemiologic Studies Consortium
TBHCE Telebehavioral Health Center of Excellence
TBI/TSR Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke Rehabilitation Program (unable to verify 8/17)
TBTC Tuberculosis Trials Consortium
TC William J. Hughes Technical Center
TCAC Tribal Consultation Advisory Committee (changed to TAC)
TCAP Tribal Courts Assistance Program (unable to verify 12/18)
TCB Trade Capacity Building (older link archive)
TCC Trade Compliance Center (changed to TANC) | Tree Canopy Cover
TCCC Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse (unable to verify 12/18 but some content still available; older link archive)
TCCPRU Tropical Crop and Commodity Protection Research
TCDB Transparent Cost Database (older link archive)
TCE Tax Counseling for the Elderly Program (older link archive)
TCGA The Cancer Genome Atlas (older link archive)
TCH Think Cultural Health
TCIS Treasury Check Information System (older link archive)
TCP Tropospheric Chemistry Program
TCPCTIP Tribally Controlled Postsecondary Career and Technical Education Program
TCR Technology Clearinghouse (changed to R-Tech)
TCRB Tobacco Control Research Branch
TCRP Tribal Climate Resilience Program (changed to TRP)
TDA Trade and Development Agency (see USTDA)
TDAT Tribal Directory Assessment Tool (older link archive)
TDB Drinking Water Treatability Database (older link archive)
TDHE Tribally Designated Housing Entities (older link archive)
TDM Technology Demonstration Missions
TDRS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (older link archive)
TDT Technology Development and Transfer
TDY Temporary Duty (older link archive)
TEAPOTS Title Eight Automated Paperless Office Tracking System (replaced by HEMS)
TEAS Trademark Electronic Application System
TED The Economics Daily
TEDAC Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center
TEDB Transportation Energy Data Book (older link archive)
TEDC Tribal Energy Development Capacity (older link archive; archive2)
TEDS Treatment Episode Data Set (older link archive)
TEEIC Tribal Energy and Environmental Information Clearinghouse (unable to verify 8/18)
TEFAP The Emergency Food Assistance Program (older link archive)
TEHIP Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program (unable to verify 12/19; older link archive)
TEKTRAN Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System
TEMPO Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution
TEOAF Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture
TES Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Program
TESS Trademark Electronic Search System | Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (older link archive)
TEU Trace Evidence Unit
TEUI Terrestrial Ecological Unit Inventory
TextMD Technical Metadata for Text
TFAA Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs
T-FERST Tribal-Focused Environmental Risk and Sustainability Tool (requires login 12/19; older link archive; archive2)
TFF Treasury Forfeiture Fund
TFGB Translational and Functional Genomics Branch (older link archive)
TFHRC Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (older link archive)
TFI Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
TFM Treasury Financial Manual
TFMICF Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud
TFR Temporary Flight Restriction
TFS Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions Division (older link archive; archive2) | Teacher Follow-Up Survey
TFTC Terrorist Financing Targeting Center
THPO Tribal Historic Preservation Offices
THRO Tribal Health Research Office
THRU Technical Hazards Response Unit
THT Transportation and Health Tool
TIAG Tribal Issues Advisory Group
TIAS Treaties and International Acts Series
TIBC Tribal/Interior Budget Council (older link archive)
TIC Trade Information Center (merged with; changed to Export Solutions) | Treasury International Capital System
TID Trade Investigations Division (older link archive; archive2)
TIFSD Technology Innovation and Field Services Division (unable to verify 12/15)
TIG Trusted Identities Group (older link archive)
TIGER Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (older link archive) | Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (replaced by BUILD 4/18)
TIGGER Transit Investments in Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction
TIGTA Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
TIMSS Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study
TIP Technology Innovation Program
TIP Office Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (older link archive)
TIPS Terrorism Information and Prevention System (defunct; see Senate hearing)
TIRC Toxicology Information Response Center (unable to verify 3/12)
TJSO Thomas Jefferson Site Office (older link archive)
TLDC Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee (older link archive)
TLF Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program (older link archive)
TLOA Tribal Law and Order Act
TLP Transitional Living Program for Older Homeless Youth
TMC The Mentoring Connection (unable to verify 10/13)
TMEP Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure
TMG Tribal Management Grant (older link archive)
TMIP Transportation Model Improvement Program
T-MSIS Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System (older link archive)
TOC Telecommunication Operations Center (older link archive)
TOD Transit-Oriented Development
TOMS Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
TOP Technology Opportunities Program (changed to BTOP) | Treasury Offset Program (older link archive; archive2)
TOTAL Tenure, Ownership, and Transition of Agricultural Land (older link archive)
TOX21 Toxicology Testing in the 21st Century
ToxCast Toxicity ForeCaster (older link archive)
TPIO Technology, Planning and Integration for Observation
TPN Trade Policy and Negotiations (older link archive)
TPO Technology Partnerships Office (NIST) | Technology Partnerships Office (NOAA)
TPOPS Telephone Point of Purchase Survey (unable to verify BLS site 3/20; see alternate Census site)
TPP Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (older link archive; archive2) | Trade Policy and Programs (changed to TPN) | Trans-Pacific Partnership (older link archive)
TPS Technical Preservation Services | Temporary Protected Status
TPSAC Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (older link archive)
TQP Teacher Quality Partnership Grant
TRA Division for Transportation Affairs
TRACC Transportation Research And Analysis Computing Center (older link archive)
TRACIE Technical Resources Assistance Center and Information Exchange
TRACS Tracking and Reporting Accomplishments for the Conservation of Species (older link archive)
TRAVL Transportation Analysis and Visualization Laboratory (older link archive; archive2)
TRCC Traffic Records Coordinating Committee
TRDS Travel Record Data Service
TREAS Department of the Treasury (older link archive)
TRI Toxics Release Inventory
TRIPwire Technical Resource for Incident Prevention (older link archive)
TRMM Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (older link archive; archive2; archive3)
TRN Tenant Resource Network Program (older link archive)
TROPICS Time-Resolved Observations of Precipitation structure and storm Intensity with a Constellation of Smallsats
TRP Translational Research Program | Tribal Resilience Program
TRS Telecommunications Relay Service (older link archive)
TS Terminology Services
TSA Transitional Sheltering Assistance (unable to verify 8/20) | Transportation Security Administration
TSAR Transportation Statistics Annual Report (older link archive; archive2; archive3)
TSC Technical Service Center | Terrorist Screening Center
TSCD Technical Support Coordination Division
TSD Transportation Services Division
TSDR Trademark Status and Document Retrieval
TSI Transportation Safety Institute (older link archive)
TSM Traffic Safety Marketing
TSO Transit Safety and Oversight
TSP Telecommunications Service Priority (older link archive; archive2) | Thrift Savings Plan
TSU Tribal Support Unit
TSWG Technical Support Working Group
TT&L Treasury Tax and Loan Service (unable to verify 10/14)
T/TA Early Childhood Training and Technical Assistance (older link archive)
TTA Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Center
TTAB Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
TTABVUE Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Inquiry System
TTAC Tribal Technical Advisory Committee
TTB Alcohol and Tobacoo Tax and Trade Bureau
TTC Technology Transfer Center
TTiF Transportation Trends in Focus (older link archive)
TTN Technology Transfer Network (changed to Technical Air Pollution Resources)
TTP Tribal Transportation Program (older link archive) | Trusted Traveler Programs
TTPP Tobacco Transition Payment Program
TTRDC Transportation Technology R&D Center (unable to verify 8/18)
TTS Technology Transformation Service (older link archive 1; archive 2)
TTSA Travel and Tourism Satellite Account
TTVP Tuna Tracking & Verification Program (older link archive)
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority (older link archive)
TVTP Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention
TWH Total Worker Health
TwHP Teaching with Historic Places
TWIC Transportation Worker Identification Credential
TWU Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities Program
TYP Tribal Youth Program (older link archive)