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GovSpeak: A Guide to U.S. Government Acronyms & Abbreviations: J-K

The most current, extensive and fully-linked listing of U.S. government agency, office, program and publication acronyms.


J2J Job-to-Job Flows
JAB Joint Authorization Board
JABG Juvenile Accountability Block Grants (unable to verify 4/18)
JADS Justice Assistance Data Survey (older link archive)
JAG Justice Assistance Grant Program (older link archive; archive2)
JAMRS Joint Advertising, Market Research & Studies
JARC Job Access and Reverse Commute program
JASPER Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research Facility
JBEA Joint Board for Enrollment of Actuaries
JBEI Joint BioEnergy Institute
JCART Joint Criminal Alien Removal Taskforces (unable to verify 2/21)
JCAT Joint Counterterrorism Assessment Team
JCCIC Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies
JCCRER Joint Coordinating Committee for Radiation Effects Research (unable to verify 10/13)
JCDC Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative
JCESR Joint Center for Energy Storage Research
JCP Joint Committee on Printing (older link archive)
JCSDA Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (older link archive)
JCT Joint Committee on Taxation
JCXS Joint Contingency & Expeditionary Services
JDS Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program (older link archive)
JEC Joint Economic Committee
JEDI Jobs and Economic Development Impact
JEEE Justice Expenditure and Employment Extracts
JEM Joint Ecosystem Modeling
JET Joint Engineering Team (older link archive)
JFICS Judgement Fund Internet Claims System
JFMIP Joint Financial Management and Improvement Program
JFSP Joint Fire Science Program
JFWM Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management (older link archive; archive2)
JGI Joint Genome Institute
J/GYI Office of Global Youth Issues (unable to verify 8/19; older link archive)
JICE Journal of International Commerce and Economics (older link archive)
JIMAR Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research
JIS Justice Information Sharing (older link archive)
JIWG Joint Implementation Working Group (unable to verify 10/19)
JLF Jupiter Laser Facility
JLH JPL Laser Hygrometer
JLSE Joint Laboratory for System Evaluation
JM Justice Manual
JMD Justice Management Division
JMHCP Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program (older link archive)
JNLWP Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
JOAP Joint Oil Analysis Program (unable to verify, 11/12)
JOAP-TSC Joint Oil Analysis Program Technical Support Center (unable to verify, 11/12)
JOLI Job Opportunities for Low-Income Individuals Program (unable to verify 12/20; earlier link archive)
JOLTS Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey
JPATS Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System
JPDO Joint Planning and Development Office (unable to verify 11/14)
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPML United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
JPO Junior Professional Officer Program
JPSS Joint Polar Satellite System (older link archive)
JRC Joint Requirements Council
JRFC Juvenile Residential Facility Census
JRI Justice Reinvestment Initiative (unable to verify 12/19)
JRJ John R. Justice Program (older link archive)
JRRD Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development
JRU Justice Resource Update
JSC Johnson Space Center
JSD Judicial Security Division
JSRP Joint Statistical Research Program
JTMS Justice Talent Management System
JTTF Joint Terrorism Task Forces, FBI | Joint Terrorism Task Force, ICE (older link archive)
JUSFC Japan-United States Friendship Commission
JWC U.S.-Mexico Joint Working Committee on Transportation Planning
JWOD Javits-Wagner-O'Day Program (changed to CPPBSD)
JWST James Webb Space Telescope
KAP Knowledge Application Program
KDB OET Laboratory Division Knowledge Database
KICC Kidney Interagency Coordinating Committee
KID Kids' Inpatient Database
KMWG Federal Knowledge Management Working Group
KRND Kidney Research National Dialogue (older link archive; archive2)
KSC Kennedy Space Center
KUH Division of Kidney, Urologic, and Hematologic Diseases
KUHICC Kidney, Urologic, and Hematologic Diseases Interagency Coordinating Committee